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Pakistan's dynamic opening batsman, Saeed Anwar is a clean striker
of the ball and is good on both sides of the wicket. He is 
recognised the best opener in world cricket and one of the best
batsmen in present day cricket. 

Q. Did you feel threatened when Sachin Tendulkar was about to break 
your record against New Zealand at Hyderabad ?

A. I was following the score. But my 194 can be broken anyday. 
Records are meant to be broken. I am aware of that. So, I am not 
threatened at all. Sir Gary Sobers, Hanif Mohammed's record has been 
broken. Who am I?

Q. After scoring that epic innings at Chennai you told that you
would like to break your own record?

A. I have a target of scoring 200 runs in a one day match. I feel on
a good batting wicket a good batsman can score 200 runs.

Q. Why did Pakistan fare so badly in the Test Series against 
Australia ?

A. I guess there were flaws in our preparation for the tour. We had 
not planned properly on how to tackle the Aussies. They are a strong
team who are stronger at home. I think our bowlers were not able to
do as well as expected. The batsman did a fair job with myself, Ijaz 
and Yousuf Youhanna who for me - was the find of the tour. 

Q. Any other basic difference ?

A. The Aussies are physically fit. That has played a major role. 
We look tired after a day's play. But they look fresh. If anyone is 
tired, he just cannot perform according to his potential. That said,
a lot of our guys were coming of a long season but thats no escuse.
We need to work on our fitness more and more.

Q. Australia is projecting Glen McGrath as the number one bowler of 
the world. Do you agree ?

A. McGrath is a much improved bowler. He is so persistent that 
he can tire the batsman. He really bowled well against Pakistan
and India. He is an extremely consistent and steady bowler, very
incisive. He has different plans for different batsmen. He did not 
bowl a single delivery to my leg stump in the Test series. He knows
my plus points also. As far as being the best bowler in the world
is concerned, as long as Wasim Akram is around, he is the best.
No doubt about it. Mcgrath needs to perform in Pakistan before you
can even compare him with Wasim Akram. Same goes for Donald.

Q. Are you interested in the captain's job?

A. Any Pakistani captain will have to bear a lot of pressure. I had
the opportunity to lead Pakistan for a brief period. Could not enjoy 
the stint as I would have liked to. Right now Wasim Akram is doing a 
great job.  

Q. The relation between India and Pakistan team was not great in 
this tri-series?

A. I would say it was not a major problem. Believe me, we enjoy 
good relations with the Indians. But when we're on the field, it may
not look that way. Thats because we're an aggressive side, we have
lots of youngsters who are always fired up and not afraid to stir
things up on the field. But when the game is over, our boys get along
with everyone which is the way it should be.  

Q. Why do you think that the Indian performance in Australia was
such a debacle?

A. I suppose the Indian batsmen could not adapt to the conditions 
here. You cannot win by depending on just one batsman. Sachin is a 
fantastic batsman. But you cannot expect him to win each and every
match that they play. I am surprised that the other Indian batsman 
could not perform upto the standards. You may have more class 
players, but you need to prepare for your tours. We came first for
the Tests, they should have watched our matches and noted the 
important points. But it seems that they did not do that. 

Q. Will Pakistan be able to turn around the World Cup loss in the
tri-series final?

A. We would definitely try as always. At the same time I must confess
that they have been playing better cricket in this tournament.Our's
is a young side, still short of experience. But anything can happen
in the finals.