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This is Saeed Anwar's second innings in international cricket. The 
Pakistani star has come back after an injury, which would have 
finished his career as a cricketer had it not been detected early.
Anwar underwent surgery in London, and after a few months' lay-off,
is back with a bang. He believes he has a couple of years to go in
the game and his goal is simple - to win matches for Pakistan and
entertain the crowds like one of his favourite batsman, Viv Richards,
used to do. Excerpts from an interview: 

Q: Saeed, how tough was it, coping with the injury? 

A.A: Dealing with injuries calls for a lot of mental strength. My 
family and well-wishers supported me, and I am really grateful to 
them. Looking at the brighter side, I am lucky I underwent the 
surgery quickly, else my international career would have been over. 

Q: What was the injury? 

A.I was playing in a domestic game where I developed this problem in 
the knee. I underwent surgery in London. The doctors there told me
that had I not gone in for the surgery quickly, my cricketing career 
would have been over. The few months I spent away from cricket were 
not easy, but I never gave up hope. 

Q: Would you say this is your second innings? 

A.Absolutely. In fact, I would say I have got a new lease of life,
a second birth, and I am going to make the most out of it. 

Q: So where does Saeed Anwar go from here? 

A.Well, I think I am good enough for a few years more. As I said, I 
want to make the most of my second innings. I am enjoying my cricket,
and it is a good sign. 

Q: Pakistan cricket at the moments seems to be overflowing with
talent. Where do you think India's problems lie? 

A: The bowling is a bit of a problem area for India. But I want to
talk about Pakistan cricket. There are so many youngsters coming up,
and they are all committed and hardworking. Pakistan cricket looks 
healthy at the moment. We have plenty of bowlers and all-rounders,
and most of them are of a very high quality. We still have some
exciting young players waiting in the wings. Just wait and watch
because they are bound to make an impact sooner rather than later.

Q: You had a brief stint as Pakistan's captain, but you didn't enjoy 
it. What do you think of Moin Khan the captain? 

A:Moin is doing very well. He is aggressive, he thinks about the
game, and he is witty as well. Moin is also lucky. One has to have 
luck as a captain, and Moin seems to have it. He's a street smart
cricketer and he's not afraid to ask for advice. When it comes to 
bowling, he goes upto Wasim and when it comes to batting he comes 
over to me. That's always the sign of a confident Captain.

Q: What advice would you give to aspiring cricketers? 

A:No matter how talented you are, you cannot come up if you don't 
work hard, or if you lack commitment. Work hard, with lots of 
commitment, and never lack in determination. 

Q: So, what's your goal for the few years you have left in 
international cricket? 

A: Just enjoy myself, and try and win every game for Pakistan. I want
to entertain the crowds the world over the way Viv Richards used 
to do. 
Q: Well, you certainly do that each time you go out to bat Saeed. Good
luck and thanks for your time.

A: Anytime.