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"Saeed is the best batsman in the Pakistan team. I rate him as the
best batsman in the world. He's scored runs against everybody and 
more importantly - he has scored them when it mattered the most."
                                 -- Wasim Akram
                                    ( Former Pakistan Captain )

"Anwar is the best batsman in this team right now. He's a class 
player and he has all the shots in the book. I rate him right up 
with Brian Lara. Both are tremendous talents".

                                     Imran Khan.
                                     ( Former Pakistan Captain )

"Saeed Anwar is a class player. It's wonderful watching him bat.
He's got such a tremendous eye and is strong on all sides of 
the wicket. A nightmare for the bowlers."
                                     Geoff Boycott
                                     ( Former England opener )

" Saeed Anwar is a class act. One of the best players in the 
world. He can destroy any bowling attack in the world.
It's a joy watching him bat".
                                      Sunil Gavaskar
                                      ( Former Indian Captain )

"Saeed Anwar is an under-rated player in my opinion. I think he's one 
of the top three batsman in the world, as the Indians will attest
to. More often than they would like - they've seen what he can
do with the bat".
                                       Ravi Shastri
                                       ( Former Indian Allrounder )

"What makes Saeed such a great player is his ability to adjust to
different conditions quicker than anyone else Ive seen. He's 
equally comfortable playing on either side of the wicket but what
makes him so dangerous is his tremendous eye and unbelievable
                                       Ramiz Raja
                                       ( Former Pakistan Captain )

"I was just telling Rashid(Latif) the other day that this guy is the
most difficult person to bat with. I mean, all he has to do is 
plant his front foot down and push the ball and it races away to the
fence. His timing is incredible. He's one of the best batsman in 
the world and it's great fun opening with him".

                                        Aamir Sohail
                                        ( Pakistan Opener )

"I believe Saeed Anwar is the most talented player in this side.
For me, it became clear during the 1996 semi-final in Bangalore. 
Aamir Sohail is no rabbit with the bat yet he was exposing his stumps
and slogging away at the Indian bowlers. Anwar at the other end was
playing basic cricketing shots and he was out scoring Sohail. It was
a perfect example of how class players can keep up with the
scoring rate by playing normal cricket" 

                                         Ian Chappell
                                        ( Former Australian Captain )

"Saeed is the most difficult player to bowl to, even in the nets.
And the good thing about him is that he is so consistent. You
can always rely on Saeed to get the runs. He's a big occasion
                                         Waqar Younis
                                        ( Pakistan Fast Bowler )

"He (Anwar) is a great player. Our bowlers did not know 
where to bowl to him. He's so strong on all sides of the
wicket. It was one of the best innings Ive seen".

                                         Mark Taylor
                                        ( Former Australian Captain )

Saeed Anwar is a player with tremendous ability. Easily the best
opener in the world. And I would rate him as our best batsman. 
His performances are consistent and come at the time when they are
needed the most. 
                                     Hanif Mohammad
                                   ( Former Pakistan Captain )

Saeed's a brilliant batsman.He's been Pakistan's best batsman
for the last 5-6 years and it'll stay that way until he decides
to retire because he is the best. In all departments of the game.

                                     Zakir Khan
                                     ( Former Fast bowler )

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